Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Top 25 Action/Adventure/Thriller Movies

25th. The Departed

24th. The Rock

23rd. Running Man

22nd. Hancock

21st. Enemy of The State

20th. The Terminator

19th. Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith

18th. Con Air

17th. Disturbia

16th. The Adventures of Huck Finn

15th. 3:10 To Yuma

14th. Two For The Money

13th. Beverly Hills Cop 3

12th. Robin Hood Prince of Thieves

11th. Terminator 2: Judgment Day

10th. Hook

9th. Street Fighter

8th. The Fan

7th. Jurassic Park

6th. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

5th. Back To The Future

4th. The Dark Knight

3rd. John Q

2nd. Batman Begins

1st. The Prestige


  1. i love how high street fighter is

  2. This blog is full of action movies,But i like the most Hancock movie most it is full of action and also there is very fine comedy.Will smith is such a fine actor and his performance is really great.I love to Action Movies Online specially the superhero movies.

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  6. Christopher Nolan makes 3 of the top 4, my hero

  7. The list should be updated as of now, a number of films topped the charts and reviewed the best. To name few, Dark Knight Rises etc.